We all want to be happy, healthy and successful and we strive to avoid sorrows and suffering for they interfere with our happiness. As souls, we are programmed to seek joy. The trouble is so often, other people / things / events manoeuvre us into situations that upset our happiness and we feel manipulated, controlled and helplessly stuck. The real cause, however, is not other people / things / events, but our wrong attitudes and poor self-management. We try to change others in stead of introspecting and changing ourselves. We can experience the world as we choose to see it. Yatha drishti, tatha srishti….

Senior managers and executives busy themselves with managing / changing other people but are poor managers of themselves. Any positive change must begin with ourselves. Only a person who is calm, poised and in full possession of himself, can effectively guide, help, and inspire others. But most of us live and work like automatons. Like slaves, we have no love for our work, we do not love the customers we are supposed to serve, we do slavery to our habits of body and mind, but all the same, we want to manage and master others. We do not love ourselves truly, because we do not know ourselves, and we profess love for others. We do not get along well with ourselves while we strive to get along well with others.

William James of Harvard University says "The most important discovery of my generation is that human-beings can change their lives by altering their attitudes of mind". What we are today, we have chosen to be and so we can make ourselves what we want to be. The power to reform ourselves is right within us. We only need to be aware and take charge.

Self-management means : Managing the body, managing the mind & emotions, graduating to soul-consciousness by controlling our ego, and accepting the inner guidance. The analogy of the chariot with five sense-horses describes us truly.

We have to understand the motivators and drivers within us, learn to give and take compliments / criticism and manage emotions positively (i.e. develop EQ and SQ). Awareness, introspection, watchful analysis and meditation, positive attitudes and cheerfulness help.

Through Yoga-Meditation, we expand our consciousness and illumine our understanding. Realizing that we are souls of divine potentialities and that others are but only an extension of ourselves, we gradually develop compassion and empathy, bring moderation into our likes and dislikes, learn to live in joyful balance and always in the present, foster true values and evolve our great potential. We learn to rationalize our personal ambitions and harmonically synergize them with our organization's goals. A new team spirit awakens in us and we discover within us a leader with endless love, joy and positive assertiveness. Our efforts get afire with a new zeal and failures do not discourage us. We learn to disassociate our successes and failures from what we are. We learn to be in control.

This workshop integrates the latest findings in the West in the field of human psychology and management with the ancient but ever-new wisdom of Yoga, especially the Raja Yoga science of mind control. It gives several tips for mind-control and positive attitudes. In the full-day version, there is actual demonstration of exercises, relaxation / de-stressing techniques and meditation but even short programs do cover the essential points.

Program Duration: 1 day to 3 days, preferably 2-3 days for good learning.